God is Love
Artist: Engelbrecht Family
“God is Love” is written all through His creation
Writ’n upon the petals of every little flower
Upon every spire of grass and on every opening bud
Though the curse of sin brings pain
There are flowers upon the thistles
The thorns are hid’n by roses
Just to remind us although we fall God loves us still

See God’s love in nature reaching out to touch you
The padded paws of kittens reaching out to wake you
Happy butterflies floating by on summer breezes
Gentle soaking raindrops fall down upon the parched earth
Like God’s refreshing promises fall down upon our parched
I love you, I care for you

Hear God’s love it’s speaking to us through His creation
Seashell whispers in my ear are echoing I love you.
The sound of roaring oceans drifting on the night’s breeze
Remind me of the strong Hand that stills my troubled heart
Early morning birdsongs call me to a new day
To walk with You, I love You my Lord.