Father God
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
D ____Em C D
Entering the holy place, where only angels tread.
D Em C __ D
Clothed in whitest garments by the blood that Jesus shed.
Em ____C Bm D
The glory of the King of Kings has filled this sacred place,
Em C
________Em A
And I can only stand here by the wonder of Your grace !

Father God, I fall down on my knees !
C2 ____G __D
Bowing down, to the King of all Kings.
Em G D
Risen One, by Your grace I am free.
Father God, You’re my Saviour and King !

D ____Em C D
Humbly I bow down as I draw closer to Your throne.
D ____Em C D
Thoughts of self abandoned as I gaze on You alone.
Em ____C Bm D
My eyes are overwhelmed as I observe amazing things.
__Em C Em A
My ears are filled with wonder as I hear the angels sing !

D ____Em C D
Stepping into places that I cannot walk alone.
D ____Em C D
Basking in the holy light that shines forth from Your throne
Em ____C Bm D
My heart is overjoyed as You’re revealing more and more
__Em D Em A
Feeling greater love than I have ever known before !

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2009