Worthy Are You
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
D__________________ C__________________G________________________D
Worthy are You, O Ancient of Days, You shine brighter than the sun !
D__________________ C____________________G______________D
Worthy are You, O King of all Kings,__Forever the Holy one !

DCGD________________DCGD__________________DCGD__________________ DCGD
________ You are Holy ______ You are Holy ______ You are Holy
(Holy, Holy.__ __Holy, Holy. ______Holy, Holy. ____ Holy, Holy.)

Glorious one, great works have You done,
The heavens declare Your name !
Reigning on high, with power and might,__Now and evermore the same (bridge)

G________________D________ G____________ D__A
Worthy, You are worthy !__Worthy of all glory
G________________ D________G______________D________ A
Worthy, You are worthy !__Worthy of all glory and praise !

Verse 3:
Father of lights, Creator of all.__We worship Your name alone !
Merciful one, O Jesus, our Lord; The Lamb that is on the throne__(bridge)

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2009