Behold The King
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
Behold the King, the Ancient of Days.
Upon His throne & worthy of praise.
Full of grace & mercy; all will bow before Him.
His kingdom & dominion will never end !
Behold the Lord, creator of all. He rises up, and His enemies fall.
From the world’s beginning He had plans made for us.
He is ever faithful. His love never ends !

King of Kings and Lord of Lords; the Holy One, Jehovah.
Redeemer of Jerusalem; the Name above all Names ! (2x)

Behold the King, mighty & strong. Praise His name & sing a new song.
His fame is celebrated in the halls of Zion.
On the mountaintops His name is proclaimed !
Exalt the Lord; the clouds are His seat.
Worship Him, and bow at His feet.
He’s my shield & fortress, healer & redeemer.
He forgives our sins and heals our disease.eals our disease.

Paul Dreisbach 2009