Behold The King
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
intro: A__Bm C#m__A__E

A____________D______E______________A D E
Behold the King, the Ancient of Days.__
A____________ D____E____________ A D E
Upon His throne & worthy of praise.
D____________________ E
Full of grace & mercy; all will bow before Him.
His kingdom & dominion will never end !
Behold the Lord, creator of all.__He rises up, and His enemies fall.
From the world’s beginning He had plans made for us.
He is ever faithful.__His love never ends !

D________________ A__________________E__________A
King of Kings and Lord of Lords; the Holy One, Jehovah.
D______________A____________E______________ A D E
Redeemer of Jerusalem; the Name above all Names ! (2x)

Behold the King, mighty & strong.__Praise His name & sing a new song.
His fame is celebrated in the halls of Zion.
On the mountaintops His name is proclaimed !
Exalt the Lord; the clouds are His seat.__
Worship Him, and bow at His feet.
He’s my shield & fortress, healer & redeemer.
He forgives our sins and heals our disease.ins and heals our disease.

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2009