Unsuspecting World
Artist: Christian Mission Music
Unsuspecting World

Stars, like gems at night
Shine reflected light
Designed only by God.

No, they’re not birth signs
Nor do they predict the times
A lie, for an unsuspecting world.

God is the only Creator of life
That lives and breathes His air.
God is Almighty and Sovereign
Don’t ever undermine His power.

The moon controls the tides
A planet that brightens up the night
Designed only by God.

Its being has no significance
Nor is it a goddess
A lie, that seems to thrill a witch.

There is no mother earth
The world is only a place for us to live
Until the coming Judgement day
That’s what the Bible says.
No need to empty your mind
Hug a tree or soak up the ground
To discover yourself or shout for your rights
It’s all a sinister lie.

Words & Music © Christian Mission Music
All rights of the owner reserved. This music can be freely copied and
distributed but must not be sold by or to a third party.