Turning Around
Artist: Christian Mission Music
Turning Around

Turning around, turning to see
What’s going on in this world
Turning away to hide
The fear of it all
Turning the wheel of fortune
Selling your soul
Turning the corner with nowhere
Left to go.

In this house, in this sad old town
In this place, nothing found
Where to go, what to try next
Round and round you go again
You find yourself.

But try again, win some money
Pay the rent, pay the price
Looking up, see the winnings
Crashing down around your world
You find yourself.

Turn off the stars
Turn off the wheel of fortune
Stay where you are
Turn on the light of Jesus
Switch to your heart
Floodlights on all your feelings
God’s in control
Step on the road of freedom
Rise above it all.

Words & Music © Christian Mission Music
All rights of the owner reserved. This music can be freely copied and
distributed but must not be sold by or to a third party.