Psalm 63
Artist: Christian Mission Music
Psalm 63

I am a dry, worn-out and waterless land
My soul is thirsty for you
I am longing for God.

I am longing to see You in sanctuary
See how mighty and glorious You are
And Your constant love so much better than life
I am longing for God.

And I will praise You, give thanks, for as long as I live
I shall raise my hands to You in prayer
And my soul will feast and be satisfied
I am longing for God.

As I lie in bed I remember You
In the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy
For I cling to You as Your hands keep me safe
I am longing for God.

You give me victory over all my foes
No more lying words shall I hear
I live with promises in Christ’s holy name
I have found my life in God.

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