The Dove
Artist: Christian Mission Music
This song is purely scripture. The words navigate through verses that describe the dove, which ultimately is symbolic of the Holy Spirit Who dwells within the hearts of all who have sought Christʼs saving power with a repentant heart. If we are led of His Spirit we are transformed both individually and collectively into His bride (church). If we follow Christ as an adoring bride, we then bring forth a pure fruit which is pleasing to Him. The Seed is in the fruit so in turn, all who eat of that fruit are blessed and also receive of His saving power. And so the family grows....


If I had the wings of a dove
I’d fly away and be at rest
Yes, I would wander far away
To live in the wilderness.

His undefiled and His perfect one
Who stands alone above them all
She is His dove and He her solid Rock
Her face and voice He has sought.

See the Spirit of God descended
Out of heaven like a dove
Resting on His Beloved Son
So also thus upon His bride

And Noah sent forth a dove
To find a resting place
She returned unto the ark
In her mouth was an olive leaf.

And so shall His Word go forth
Out of the mouth of God
Not returning void, it accomplishes
All that is the will of God.

Psalm 55 : 6-7
Song of Songs 6:9
Song of Songs 2:14
Matthew 3:11,16,17
Genesis 8:8-11
Isaiah 55:11
Further Scriptures of relevance: -
Genesis 24, Galatians 5:16-26,
Ephesians 5:26-27, Titus 2:14, Titus 3:5-7

Words & Music © Christian Mission Music
All rights of the owner reserved. This music can be freely copied and
distributed but must not be sold by or to a third party.