The Mercy Seat
Artist: Christian Mission Music
The Mercy Seat was the only piece of ‘furniture’ in the tabernacle that was made from solid gold and nothing else. The other pieces were usually made from wood encased in gold except for the candlesticks which, although solid gold, still needed a wick. The description of the Mercy Seat delivers a beautiful metaphor of the relationship between Saviour and saint.
Please read Rom 3:24-26 and Heb 9.

The Mercy Seat (Exodus 25:17-22)

God said unto Moses
Upon Mount Sinai
You shall make a mercy seat
And make it from pure gold
You shall make two cherubim
Of solid hammered gold
They shall sit at either end
Be one piece overall.

For they shall be of one piece
As they spread their wings above
Covering the mercy seat
And facing each other
Looking down toward
The mercy seat where you shall put
The mercy seat upon the ark
The ark of testimony.

In the ark you shall put
The testimony that I will give you.

There I will meet with you
And from above the mercy seat
From between the two cherubim
That are upon the ark of the testimony
I will speak intimately with you
Of all which I will give you
In commandment to the Israelites.

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