Now's The Time
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
D__ G D G
Now’s the time to praise the Lord, to bless His name in one accord.
Make a joyful noise unto the King
A G ____D
Let the whole earth hear the song we sing !
D ____ G D G
Now’s the time to enter in, (to) forget ourselves and look to Him.
A __ G __D
Leave your cares and worries at the door
A G __D
Our God is so much bigger than we know !

C G __D ______C____G ____D
Chorus: Now is the time to rise and shine !
C G __D C G D
Now is the day to praise His name !
D ____ ____G D G
Now’s the time to climb the hill; to rise above, it is His will.
A G __ D
Time to leave the dying world behind
Change your heart, and then renew your mind.__ (Chorus)
D ____ __ G D G
Now’s the time to seek His face, to enter in and run the race
A __ G __ D
The time has passed away for sitting down
The time is here to make a joyful sound !__ (Chorus)

D ____ G __ D G
Now’s the time to raise your voice; to celebrate and rejoice
A ______G D A __ G ______D
The time for doubt and fear has passed away.__The time of hope and faith is here to stay !

______D ______ G __ ____ D ____G
Now’s the time for us to shout; don’t hold it in, just let it out.
A ______G D A __ G ____D
Let our song be heard outside the walls; let our voices rise and never fall !__ (Chorus)

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2009 2009