06 Modern day Moses
Artist: Joe and Angela Garrity
6-Modern day Moses

Song order: Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Chorus, Verse 4, Chorus x3

Verse 1:

All it took was forty days
____ C______________________ D
For them to make a god that they could praise
A diety who understands
______ C______________________ D
Their wants, their needs and their demands

Verse 2:
E__________________________ D
Quickly pray and then they play
____ C____________________ D
By design their god had nothing to say
While they indulge their Creator arrives
C____________________ D
All those who cannot wait must die


Who is on this side?
Am________________ C/G________D
What is the reason for your pride?
Em____________________ Bm
Why won't you wait for me?
When have I forgotten your needs?

Verse 3:

Draw near you for the Lord
C______________ D
On your side strap your sword
Without favor raise your hand
Purge the evil from your land

Verse 4:

E____________________ D
When the modern day Moses comes
C____________________ D
To gather all his Father's sons
E__________________________ D
A faithful family will he find
____ C________________________ D
Or twice dead daughters and sons blind?__________________D
Or twice dead daughters and sons blind?