When I Am Afraid
Artist: Rick Roman
When I Am Afraid

OH Jesus
Unless you shed light upon my path
I remain blind
Oh so blind So blind
There is no other God besides you Is. 45:21

You created the heavens
You created the earth Is. 45:18
You did not create it to be a waste land

Trust in Jesus Proverbs 2:5-6
with all your heart
Trust in Jesus
And do not rely on your understanding
In all your ways
Acknowledge Jesus Christ
And He will make your paths straight
Removing obstacles that block your way

You have brought me
back from the gates of death
you have made yourself known to me
Don't be wise in your own eyes Proverbs 3:7
Turn entirely away from evil

Jesus said John 14:6
I am the way
I am the truth
I am the Life

It will be health to your body Proverbs 3:8
and to your marrow, nerves, and sinews
and your muscles, all your inner parts
physical wellbeing to your bones.
you will have peace Philippians 4:7
wonderful peace
you will have peace
that peace that passes all understanding

I will say of the Lord Jesus Christ Psalm 91:2-3
He is my refuge and my fortress
My God, in whom I trust
with great confidence I rely on Him

He will save you from the trap of the Devil
And from the deadly pestilence.
Let all those who are His
those who love the Lord Jesus Psalm 64:10
take refuge in him
Celebrate God Of All Comfort
Celebrate The God Of All Grace
Celebrate Believe in Jesus
And turn toward Jesus

His love never fails
No it never never fades
His love never fails
Celebrate God Of All Comfort
Celebrate The God Of All Grace
Celebrate Believe in Him
I mean rejoice always

(Smith Wigglesworth on the Anointing Page 55)

Only believe
A man is in a great place when he
has no one to turn to but God.
With only God to help
we are in an excellent place
God will change the situation.
Not I but Christ

Because of Him I live
God is good all the time

During New Years 2022 I was in the hospital with Coved Pneumonia, allot happened during my 7 day stay. I felt it was a chastening from the Lord to slow me down for some changes that were going to take place. It was like being stripped of all my activities and at the gates of death. Being in this weakened state the Lord was able to impress me with some changes He wanted me to make in my walk with Him. This is why I made mention of bringing me back from the gates of death in this song. I was working on this song on and off for about 3 years or so, just could not have peace with the lyrics that kept changing all during that time. The music kept evolving too, into something better and better every time I would work on it. . After the hospital stay I had the lyrics that gave me peace and I put them into this song. It is done.at gave me peace and I put them into this song. It is done.