Israel, Russia & Rome
Artist: Bill & the Boomers
1- There are many signs that He's coming back
Jesus will return and that's a fact
Earthquakes' greater frequency
Nature's great intensity uh huh
And the widespread heresy

2- The prophets said in the last days we will see
A great advancement in technology
TVs and computer chips
Transatlantic airplane trips uh huh
But there's no tranquility

Br- False religions everywhere
Violence in the streets
Just before the Lord will call
But the greatest signs of all are
Israel Russia and Rome

3- The Jews rejected Christ and were dispersed
But God has brought them home from all the Earth
And they have what Russia craves
Russia will invade one day uh huh
But God will intervene

4- Russia and her friends will be destroyed
Rome will be revived to fill the void
Led by Antichrist himself
You better get your Bible off the shelf uh huh
And read it for yourself

Br- You need Christ so you'll be saved
All the signs are clear
Judgment's just about to fall
And the greatest signs of all are
Israel Russia and Rome ooh

End- Israel Russia and Rome
The three greatest signs are Israel Russia and Rome
You better not forget it it's Israel Russia and Rome
Yeah Yeah Israel Russia and Rome
One more time it's Israel Russia and Rome