06. Rejoice My Soul
Artist: Christ Our Life
Rejoice, My Soul

1) There’s an hour that’s coming and now is
When the dead will hear His voice and live
Those who hear and have faith, they will rise from the grave
This I Know, rejoice, My soul

Rejoice, my soul, and all that is within me
Sing for joy, and bless His holy name
For my Lord, He is risen, and He’s coming again
Praise the Lord, rejoice, my soul

2) There’s an hour that’s coming in the end
When the dead will surely rise again
Those who do what is right will have resurrection life
This I know, rejoice, my soul

3) There’s an hour when pain and sorrows cease
When we see our Saviour face to face
Let us lift up our eyes, our redemption’s drawing nigh
This I know, rejoice, my soul

Christ Our Life
© 2020