02. Jesus My Savior
Artist: Christ Our Life
Jesus My Saviour

Jesus my Saviour and Jesus my friend
As a Shepherd You lead me to life without end
As Your sheep I must listen, to hear Your still voice
To green pasture You’ll take me, where there’s rest for my soul

When the enemy buffets, and tries to bring lies
I will stand firm in faith, and hold that shield high
As an angel of light, he will try to disguise
But I’ll study Your word, and the truth recognize

You are the way and the truth and the life
Jesus You’ve risen, O You are alive
You are seated in heaven, and in You I abide
O I thank You for laying Your life down for mine

You have clothed me in garments, You have clothed me in white
I put on the Lord Jesus, and the armour of light
I demolish all things against God lifted high
And take every thought captive to obey the Christ

When I trust the Lord Jesus, my roots will spread out
And I need not be anxious in the year of drought
Why should I worry, I cannot do the least
But through prayer and thanksgiving You will meet every need

Christ Our Life
© 2020