This Calls For War
Artist: Richard Shekari

This calls for war
Children of light it’s time to roar
Victory’s ours if we endure
Put on your armour
It’s a warzone
You’re not alone. (2x)

Oh, bad man
I see your lil’plan has began
Trying to trick more souls to ya side
Playing dirty tricks in broad daylight
You no longer hide
Such appetite
I see you’re ready, yeah, for the night
Busy trying to trick all the young brides
Telling lies under the moonlight
I’ve got a searchlight.

You came to kill, to steal and also to destroy
The lack of light in you makes you hate those filled with joy
Today we thank the Lord
Coz He paid the price on the cross
Go ahead, do your thing
He’ll soon be back and show you who’s Boss. *Chorus*

He’s bad news
He’s gon’ tel u he’s gon’ reveal to u so many secrets
But he’s full of lies ‘n deceit; he’s got noth’n to give u but sorrow
He just wanna trick u into trading ya soul for noth’n
If anybody wanna give you someth’n in exchange for ya soul
Then u should know; your soul’s more valuable than whatever it is they’re offering
You dig? my man. *Prelude + Chorus*

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari