No One
Artist: Richard Shekari

Come and take the pain away
Kick the sorrow far away
Make every day like holiday
Lord, come and wipe our tears away.

I’ll thank the Lord
It’s yet another day
Feels like Sunday
Lord, you I worship
You’ve been around
Yeah, from the start
Calling my name

Standing by the doorstep to my heart
Lord, come and heal my heart
You loved me from the start
Your kind of love is hard to find. 2x

Jesus, no one be like you
No one here is like you
Jesus, come and heal our lands
Bring joy in all the lands
Jesus, nobody loves like you
Nobody here is like you
Jesus, come and heal our hearts
Bring peace into our hearts.

I can’t wait for the day
I’ll be wrapped in your arms
It’ll be a beautiful day
For I’ll find peace in your arms 3x

*Chorus 2x + intro 2x +Chorus*

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari