Artist: Braden York
Centered in nothingness, Not even thinking.
So unaware of myself, I might be sinking.
I don’t even know where I'm going, or why I'd go there.
Just trying to go with the flow, Getting nowhere.
There's gotta' be a better way.
Is there some hope for a brighter day? Awakened I see myself, Through a window.

Frightened by what I beheld, painted sorrow.
I tried to pretend that I was happy, void of passion.
No longer content with this life, Change must happen.
Life could be over in a flash.
I won't settle for a lesser path.

A six headed fork in the road, stifled and puzzled.
Trying to sort it all out, I'm feeling troubled.
Falling hard on my knees I beg for answers, Hearing nothing.
Is anyone hearing my cry, please say something.
The next thing I hear ignites a spark.
I see a light piercing through the dark.

Who is that man, there on that cross, what's His name?

The one who can guide all the lost, His name is Jesus.
Replaced His throne with a cross, as He saved us.
We all deserved His holy anger, we're so unworthy.
So what will be our response, to His mercy.
What are we doing with our lives?
Will it be pleasing in His eyes, When He arrives?