I Want To Be Like
Artist: Richard Shekari

I wanna be like
Can we be like
I wanna be like…
Wait a minute, is the mic on?

I wanna be like Christ
Heal the sick and bring peace to the world
Stop these wars so all the kids will find a place to call home
Put an end to prejudice
Rid the world of all diseases
Bring hope and put all these evil men at ease
The Light will shine in the darkest places
Expose the wicked ones, yes
So we can see their faces
Let the Light shine in the darkest places
Heal all the brokenhearted
And put a smile on their faces
I'll put these leaders to shame
Some steal in God’s name
You think that life is game
You trade ya soul for fame
You chose to dance 'n dine in the eternal flame
Saying God ain't good
The Lord's name they defamed.

All the good men it's time to roll out
All the Lord's soldiers fall out
The entire world needs a bailout
Strike till this evil kingdom falls down.

The evil kingdom will fall down and stay down
Let the Children of the Light rise up
This evil kingdom will fall down and stay down
Let the Children of the Light rise up. (2x)

Jesus Christ is King
Pure joy He brings
You lost it in the ring
You can keep your blings
Like a hungry lion
Yeah, you move about
Stealing dreams, laying schemes
Yeah, you go about
I can see through you
It's all déjà vu
Y'all thought I was a fool
'till Christ came through
Presence of the Light got you all running
In the darkest night His name I’ll be calling
His love abounds
In Him peace is found
Now, let me expound
His love's so profound
We're heaven bound
From the underground
C'mon, look around
Each with their crown. *CHORUS 2X*

We're not promised tomorrow
Make good use of today
This life is borrowed
Though God will make a way. (2x) *CHORUS 2X*

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari