You and I
Artist: Richard Shekari

You and I were meant to be
Without you I'll be lost
Hold me closer, don't leave me
Jesus, I'm safe 'cause you're around (2x)

Please, Lord, stick around
Your mercy seems abound
I'll hold you till I'm crowned
Can't wait to hear the trumpets sound
In you, Lord, peace I致e found
Lord, your love is so profound
My soul is heaven bound
Help me keep my eyes off the underground
Day and night you're watching over me
When the darkest cloud raged and hovered over me
You protect me when these snakes try to steal from me
Every day and night
Your angels stand guard by me
I'll call your name 'cause you always there for me
I ran to you when they came for me
I'm here to praise your name
Yes, 'cause you died for me
Hold me, Lord, don't let go
You got me dancing in the rain in a slow-mo. *CHORUS 2x*

Yes, Lord
I'm on bended knees
Teach me your ways for you're kind
Oh, Lord
Forgive my wrong deeds
Heal me like you did the blind
Though the world tried to make my heart bleed
Your love brought peace to my life *CHORUS till fade*

Copyright 2019 Richard Shekari