My Hiding Place
Artist: Richard Shekari

I'll praise your Holy name
Lord, for you're my hiding place
I'll testify to your Glory, Lord
For I'm yours until the end, until the end
Come and takes us home
Where Love rules, O'Lord
I'll praise your name
For there's joy in you, Lord

Here I come again
You gave me life
So, it's only you I'll celebrate
You took the pain away
Yes, Lord, you're my pride
That's why I jubilate
You broke the chain
Now I dance in the rain
My sorrows drained
'cause you washed the stains

Your love takes my breath away
Jesus, there's none like you *CHORUS*

You left your throne
Just to save me
I don't deserve your love
But still, Lord, you saved me
You’ve been there for me
Since I was a baby
I got lost in the dark
You came for me
You light up the way
‘cause, Lord, you’re the way
Lord, teach me how to pray
Protect me through the day
Don’t leave me, Lord, stay
Don’t let me go astray
You told me it’s okay
You bless me every day
Said you’re with me all the way *PRELUDE + CHORUS 2x*

Copyright 2019 Richard Shekari