Tears For Prayers
Artist: Richard Shekari
(Richard Shekari)

You put in all your best
Nothin’ works, wha’chu worried about?
What are you worried about?
Why are you worried my child?

Did all you could
But still nothin’ works
Yeah, wha’chu crying for?
What are you crying for?
Why are you crying my child?

Let’s trade tears
For prayers
We trade tears
For prayers
We must trade tears
For prayers
We’ll find peace
In prayer (X4)

Let’s rise together as one
Yes, let our voice become one
Let’s join our hands, stand as one
Yes, this will make us stronger

Where do we go to?
Who do we go to?
Who do we trust when the whole world’s gone dark (X4)

War drums roar from the valleys
As women cry
Children’s tear glands dry
Fathers left with no goodbye

Stay strong, hope’s up the mountains
So don’t you cry
Set your eyes only on God
Everything will be alright.

Repeat Chorus +
It’s only prayers we have
To reach our father in heaven
This place is never our home
Because our father’s in heaven (X2)

Ask the holy spirit to take your tears and teach you to how pray.

Copyright 2018 Richard Shekari.