I Need Help
Artist: Richard Shekari

Lord, I need help
Yes, I’m lost
I’ve gone astray
You’re all I trust
You’re my help, from above
Lord, lead the way
I can hear your voice

I can hear your voice deep in the darkness
I can hear your voice casting out the sadness
I can hear your voice deep in my rebellion
I did hear your voice as you calmed the storm
Take my life, yes, Lord, make it yours
I heard your voice in the dead of the night
Lord, your love brought peace and light
I was lost but you came for me
You picked me up and embraced me.

You followed me into the dark
Down in the dirt and saved me
As I say I ‘m sorry for all the things I did that hurt you
I also wanna say thank you for being who you are in my life
You answer when I call
There is none like You, Lord
Not on earth, nor in the heavens. *CHORUS 2x*

I’ll never let you go
You make the sorrows go
Will never let you go
You took the pain away
O’ Prince of Peace
King of Kings indeed
O’ Lion of Judah
I’m yours, forever
You shamed the accuser, he’s defeated forever (3X)
He's defeated forever, You’re a King forever. *CHORUS till fade*

Copyright 2019 Richard Shekari