Artist: Richard Shekari
-Richard Shekari-

Verse One:
I looked in their eyes
But it ain’t there
I looked up at the skies
But it’s not there
Looked into mother’s eyes
Didn’t find it there
Searched through my father’s voice
Trust me, it’s not there

Lord, I’m falling down
Into the world
Stretch your hand
Oh save my soul
Don’t let them get the best of me
Fill me up with the best of you (2x)

My soul cries
Don’t leave me Lord
Let your voice break through the clouds
My soul cries
Can you hear me Lord?
Stretch your hand and heal my heart (2x)

Verse Two:
When the night cometh
And the stars turn shy
When death cometh
And hope turns dry
I’ll call your name
Hail your name
I’ll cry your name
Yes, hail your name

Repeat Prelude + Chorus

Copyright 2018 Richard Shekari