Just Can't Stop
Artist: angela dittmar
Just Can’t Stop CCLI# 7106643

Intro : A////A////D////E////__(2X)

A __________D__________________________________ E
We just can’t stop we just can’t stop Praising His name

A ______________________D____________________________ E
We just can’t stop we just can’t stop Till everyone has heard

______ C#m__________________________________________________________D______
How He rose from the grave So that all may be saved

A______________________E __________________D__________ A
We cannot stop We just won’t stop Praising His name

____ Bm________________________E
1. We are called______to go and tell
2. We must go________ and we must tell

______________Bm________________________ E______
1. That Jesus Christ has risen from the dead
2. That Jesus came and He’s coming back again

Bm__________________________________ E
Can’t keep this news__ just to ourselves
It’s just so exciting We keep on inviting
D________E D________ E D________E
Oh – oh Oh – oh Oh – oh

A____________________D E________ A________________ D______E
Tell everyone about the Son Tell everyone about His love
A____________________ D__ E A____________________D______E
Tell everyone what he has done Tell everyone to praise the Son
D____E D____ E ________D____E
Oh – oh Oh – oh Oh – oh

©2017 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music