Armor of God
Artist: angela dittmar
Armor of God CCLI# 7128728
Intro:__ D////G////A////D////
____ D G
1. I have the belt of truth Buckled round my waist
2. Helmet of salvation Fastened on my head

____ A D
1. Hold the sword of the Spirit And the shield of faith
2. I man the battle station To face all I dread

____ D G
1. I’m wearing gospel shoes __ To bring good news
2. The enemy I meet Has to retreat

____ A D
1. And a bullet proof vest Breastplate of righteousness
2. For their weapons can’t scar Against the Armor of God

______________G __________D
The Armor of God always protects
____________ A ____D
The Armor of God gives me my strength
______________G ____________ D
I’m pressing on I’m pressing on
____________A ____________ D
I’m putting on the Armor of God

A ______________Bm
In The Armor of God There is no harm
A ______________Bm
In the army of the Lord I can be strong
G __________ Bm
The battle belongs To my King of Kings
I’m battle strong I can fight anything

____________G __________D
I’m pressing on I’m pressing on
__________ A D
I’m putting on the Armor of God

©2018 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC