For You And Me
Artist: Bill & the Boomers
1- God is real He made us all
And it was good until the fall
When Adam chose to disobey
And sin passed on to us today

2- God is pure He does no wrong
But since we're flawed we don't belong
So we are lost and can't be saved
Unless somehow sin's price is paid

Br- And (We) sinners cannot save ourselves
That price we cannot pay
The shed blood of a sinless man
That is the only way

3- Just one man God's only son
Jesus Christ the only One
Could qualify to die for us
He's all we need He is enough

4- He's a gift The gift is free
But Him we choose to take or leave
Choose life or death Which will it be?
But Jesus died for you and me

End- Heaven or Hell which will it be?
Still Jesus died for you and me