Happy Celebration
Artist: van wood
Happy Celebration
Copyright (c) 2000 Van Wood

All the high and the low wherever we go tell us just how great they are
On the radio and the TV show everybody want to be a star
But I've got news no matter who they choose, there's one they cannot beat
And I'll be there when the crown He wears on Hallelujah Street, on Hallelujah Street

All the kings and the queens and the in-betweens are doing everything they know
To slow the pace of the nuclear race before the whole thing blows
And the politicians say they've found a way to satisfy every man
But war won't cease 'til the Prince of Peace is ruler in every land, is ruler in every land

Well I 'm almost done 'cause I've really got to run when I hear that trumpet sound
Tell one and all that the writing on the wall says the clock is running down
There's a crowd up there on Hallelujah Square and the shouting will soon begin
And we'll all sing as we crown Him King and our joys will never end, our joys will never end

Well, I'm getting ready for the biggest celebration that this world's ever seen
I'm getting ready for the coronation of Jesus Christ the King
When all of the people of the world shall gather and bow before His feet
Well I'm getting for the happy celebration on Hallelujah Street, on Hallelujah Street.