The 27th Floor - Version 2
Artist: van wood
The Twenty-Seventh Floor

Copyright (c) 1995, 2010 Van Wood

There’s a light in the window on the twenty-seventh floor of the big office building on the square

And in the office on the right, working long into the night you will find a lonely figure seated there

You can tell by his name on the door; he has reached the position that he was striving for

Well he knows he’s got it made by the money he is paid, but he wonders if it’s really worth it all

All day long the phone was ringing and decisions would not wait and tomorrow would be just about the same

And he cannot help but feel he has made some shady deals, but he knows that he has got to play the game

You can tell by the look on his face, there are some memories he would like to erase

Well he hopes it doesn’t show and he hopes nobody knows so he tries to act like others in the place

Then he goes to the window on the twenty-seventh floor and looks down upon the city ‘cross the square

And he knows it isn’t right to work long into the night and to leave his little family waiting there

And he knows he is not a happy man, but he hope that his wife and children understand

Maybe in a little while they can settle down in style and enjoy the life of comfort he has planned

Then his mind begins to wander from the work he stayed to do as he thinks about his life of yesterday

And he wonders if it’s worth all the money on the earth to have traded all that happiness away

Then he thinks about his days in Sunday school how the teacher told the story about the wealthy fool

He had money; he had fame, but left God out of his game; in the end he found you cannot break God’s rule.