It was there
Artist: van wood
It Was There

Copyright © 2007 Van Wood

It was there in Bethlehem, in a cattle stall, where it all began

And the angels sang on high that first Christmas night

And the shepherds came to see where the baby lay

In a manger low on a bed of hay

It was there in Bethlehem


It was there in Jerusalem, by the city wall that He talked to them

And He brought the love of God to the path where people trod

And He came to heal the sick along the way

And the people heard what He had to say

It was there in Jerusalem.


It was there on a rugged hill, where Jesus died on a rugged cross

Hanging between two thieves; paying the penalty

Falsely accused of the things that he did not do

He died for me; He died for you

It was there on a rugged hill.


It was there on Easter morn, when Christ arose and hope was born

He conquered death and sin; came back to life again

Just as He had said that He would do

Now He lives for me and He lives for you

It was there that it all came true.