The King is in Residence Here
Artist: van wood
The King Is In Residence Here

Words & Music Copyright (c) 2008 Van Wood

We have come into this place and the look on every face

Should tell you there is nothing to fear

So what is going on and why this happy song

And why does heaven seems so very near?

Well, that’s easy to explain so let me make it plain

That the King is in residence here

Now the doors are open wide and when we step inside

We can feel the presence of the Lord

He has said He would be here; He invites us to draw near

To the place where living water is outpoured

Our Lord has come to stay and we’re glad that we can say

That the King is in residence here


We can sing and rejoice; we can dance; lift up our voice

And we can be made whole in body mind and soul

For the King is in residence here.