Please Tell Me Why
Artist: Bill & the Boomers
1- You keep sayin' that the Bible's true yeah
And you know it applies to me and you yeah
But then you go astray
And turn the other way
And give the world a try
Please tell me why

2- You say right is right and wrong is wrong yeah
That Christ is coming and it won't be long yeah
And then ignore the same
And play your little game
You fall for Satan's lie
Please tell me why

Br- God (He) wants us to have consistency
In what we do and say that we believe
And I can't deal with your hypocrisy
So I am asking why please tell me why

3- The Word of God you know so very well yeah
And what we should do is clear as a bell yeah
You know what you've believed
And then you get deceived
I can't let this go by
Please tell me why

End- Please tell me why
Please tell me why
Please tell me why
Please tell me why