He can do anything
Artist: van wood
He Can Do Anything

Listen to my story about a humble man
Who left His home in glory to walk throughout the land

He was the Son of God…He could do anything

He could walk on water; multiply the bread

Heal the ruler’s daughter; even raise the dead

He’s the same today…He can do anything

One day He met a woman coming to the well

Knew she had a story too ashamed to tell

He forgave her…He can do anything

Jesus saw a blind man sitting in the night

Touched his blinded eyes; gave him back his sight

He’s the healer…He can do anything

Jesus died for sinners on the cruel tree

Then He rose again for all the world to see

He’s alive today…He can do anything

Jesus, Savior, Great Creator; Mighty God; the King of Kings

Yesterday, today, forever…He can do anything

Words & Music Copyright © 2007 van wood

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