He did it all for me
Artist: van wood
He Did it All for Me

Copyright © 1973 van wood

Jesus didn’t stay in the glory-land of heaven so bright,

But He came to earth, by a lowly birth, long ago on Christmas night.

He didn’t choose to keep His Father’s throne, but left it all above,

When the King came down to that little town He was God’s great gift of love.

Mystery divine, I cannot conceive how He should come this way…

As a little babe, in a manger laid, come to show to us the way.

How God would give His blessed son to die, my mind can’t understand,

But I know He came just to take my blame and to finish God’s great plan.

And he did it all for me

He did it all that I might live eternally

He gave His life to set me free

And He did it all for me.