Goodbye City Friends
Artist: van wood
Goodbye City Friends

Goodbye city friends you won’t see me again.
Today is my last day in your fine town.
I can’t deny your lights still make a pretty sight,
But what I thought was here cannot be found.
My Daddy told me so the day I left to go
To see the other side of right and wrong.
I turned aside his voice to follow my own choice,
I didn’t know the road could be so long.
In just five minutes more I’ll walk up to that door
And tell my father just what I have done,
But who’s that drawing near and what’s that voice I hear,
Well it’s my Daddy coming fast as he can run!
Going home is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,
These last few years that I’ve been gone seem like eternity.
My Daddy is (was) waiting, my Momma is (was) praying
And the lights of home are the prettiest sight that I will ever see,
And going home is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

Copyright © 1999 Van Wood

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