Test The Spirits
Artist: Bill & the Boomers
1- Test the spirits - are they telling you lies?
Test the spirits and don't assume they are wise
Test the spirits - they may not be the good guys

2- Be discerning - check to see if it's true
Be discerning or they'll keep misleading you
Be discerning - the Word of God isn't new

Br- And don't be led astray
Stay on the narrow way
Jesus Christ is the only way (so)(and)
Don't believe sinful men
They'll trick you if they can
And there is nothing (new)(good) about the New Age (Forget the New

3- Read the Bible - move from darkness to light
Read the Bible - it will tell you what is right
Read the Bible - you need to fight the good fight

4- (Yeah) Trust in Jesus - the one who died for your sin
Trust in Jesus - He's waiting to let you in
Trust in Jesus - He will not care where you've been

End- Yeah Trust in Jesus!