He Changed My Life
Artist: In His Commission
He Changed My Life

I was lost and undone
Bound for hell with all the unjust
When I heard the good News
That Jesus had made a way for us
He’s the image of the Father
The brightness of God’s glory
He upholds all things with His power
There is so much more to His story

I will shout Jesus name
For he has changed my life
I’m gonna lift him on high
Praise Him til the day I die.
I will shout Jesus name
The name that’s above all names.
I will lift him high
Here is the reason why.
He changed my life…

He is the maker of the worlds
He’s appointed heir of all things
He laid it all aside
Became the perfect sacrifice
Now by grace through faith, we’re saved
By His blood we’re washed of sin
Jesus comes into the heart
Of all who ask Him in