He's the Way Maker
Artist: In His Commission
He’s the Way-Maker

Well He’s the Way-Maker, He lives right inside.
He’s the Way-Maker, He has paid the price.
He’s the Way-Maker, He’s the one the lost must see.
He has made the way to set men free

Verse 1
One day I was talking, about how to win lost souls.
The world around us, is filled with fraught and woes.
I could not seem to settle, on what method I would try.
Then the Lord said “The Way-Maker lives inside”.


Verse 2
For the lost to see Jesus, we must start on bended knee.
Our hearts desire must be, that they’d be free.
The Lord God He is faithful, he will answer our hearts cry.
They’ll be set free for, The Way-Maker lives inside.

Turn Around

For God so loved the world, He sent His only Begotten Son.
Who died, arose and ascended, when all was done.
He left us not alone, No, he said he would abide…
By His Spirit, the Way-Maker lives inside.

(Chorus) x 2