12. Abba Father
Artist: Christ Our Life
Abba Father
Mk 14:36; Luk 22:44; Gal 4:6-7; Rom 8:15; Heb 5:7; Psa 42:7

Jesus drank the cup of wrath
He bore the fury of God for me
With drops of blood he cried Abba Father
Let Your will be done

God has sent the Spirit of Christ
To dwell in this heart of mine
No longer a slave, I am called a son
His Spirit in me cries

Abba Father help me
Abba Father rescue me
I need Your love, I need Your power
Come and save me in this hour

Jesus prayed with loud cries
To the Father who could save
And He was heard for He feared the Lord
And He was saved from death

All Your waves have covered me
Yet I hope in You my God
At the sound of Your waterfalls
Deep calls unto deep

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