10. You Are Light To Me
Artist: Christ Our Life
You Are Light to Me

Those in darkness have seen a great light
A Saviour’s come
On the ones in the shadow of death a light has dawned

Jesus has come to bind broken hearts
Proclaiming liberty
The light of the world, has appeared to man
And this light found me

You are light to me
And Your grace has set me free
Here I stand, by the blood of the Lamb
You are light to me

I give You praise
Called from darkness conveyed to the light
O Prince of Peace
You have shattered the yoke that has burdened me

I’m saved from the power, the power of darkness
Conveyed to the Kingdom of the son of His love
I’m called out of darkness, into Your marvelous light (4x)
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord (3x)

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