Artist: Vicki Hall
words and music by Vicki Hall
©2016 by Vicki Hall

The long, darkest night is almost over and it's
time to rise and shine with His glory.
The harvest of souls is almost finished and
celebration time is near, so near.
A feast is laid, prepare the way,
for Jesus' bright and glorious day is dawning, is dawning.
Invite the guests, compel them to come,
forget the world's pursuits and run
into the outstretched arms of God's Own Son.
It's a celebration, celebration, celebration to top them all.

Angels dance around the throne, heavenly Jerusalem,
city of the living God and of His Lamb.
We are now citizens of heaven,
washed in the precious blood of Jesus.

We give thanks and praise and glory,
Jesus wrote salvation's story.
Honor, adoration to the King of Kings.
We celebrate the shofar's thunder,
we look up in awe and wonder,
hearts prepared to meet our King,
We rise to dance and shout and sing.

A wedding feast to pale all the rest.
Joyous peace, we'll be outrageously blessed.
We give all praise to the One True God,
Alpha-Omega, the Great Aleph-Tav.v.