My God
Artist: Jeff Rice
My God
By: Jeff Rice 11-5-2016

Walking each day - A lost world I survey

Warm my face in the light of You

Seek your voice today - in this land of decay

Warm my heart in your Word of truth

You Have never let me down

You never let me fall

You never leave my side So I'm giving you my all

Cause you are able and you are faithful

My whole heart surrenders to you

And I will trust in - Your love it is keepin'

Me completely in love with you

My God- It is Incredible - Undeniable

No one loves me like you

My God- So reliable It's undeniable

No one loves me like you - My God

Bravely I go cause you're helping me grow

Holding my hand all the time

Trusting you more - It is you I adore

In you I will always be fine