I belong to Jesus
Artist: Jeff Rice
I Belong to Jesus By Jeff Rice 12-4-2016

Oh my true King
This is a song that I gotta sing
I wanna let everybody know today
So I lift my voice and I say

I belong to Jesus - I belong to Him
He purchased me with blood -and cleansed me from my sin
Now I have new Life - I've found the Way
Fell in love with Truth - that guides me everyday
Caus He is The Life - He is The Way
He is The Truth - Now there's nothing left to say... except
I belong to Him I belong to Him

I see how many live their lives
Oh there just trying to survive
Ya know - ya know - I been there before
Shipwrecked at sea but I found shore

Whoa this day to day
This world tries to tear me away
Wants me to forget why I sing
But ya know - ya know that ain't happening

I know most don't understand
Might try to say I'm a crazy man
But I know -I know there's a few
Who feel-yeah they feel just like I do