Fire in my heart
Artist: Jeff Rice
Fire in my heart Jeff Rice 11-1-2016

Winter is coming - I'll just keep running
Frostbitten- frozen - ice white
Cause I've seen the other - side I discovered
The deepest and darkest of night

I left the way - I stumbled I strayed
Confusion - deception - and lies
But you helped me see - Dropped those "scales" at the Tree
Your Light bursting into my eyes

You set the captive free
Put a flame in me
You set the fire in my heart
Ignited a love in me
Now I'm chasing eternity
You set a fire in my heart

The cold world is here - I've got nothing to fear
Near you I'll always be warm
And I've seen the other side- I discovered
Tattered and beaten and torn

I left The Way - I stumbled and strayed
Like the fool I thought I was wise
Then you helped me see - On my knees at the Tree
Your light burning into my eyes

Let it Burn -in me
Let it Burn -in me
Let - it - Burn

Let the whole world see
Let it burn in me
Let - it - Burn