Artist: Jeff Rice
By: Jeff Rice 11-19-2016

I wake up and I seek your face - I got love on my mind
We break bread before the dawn - and you pour out new wine
I can't think of any other place - I would care to be
It's Amazing as your grace - how you spend time with me

Hit the road off to work I go - I survive the morning drive
Eight hours at a dead end job - but I still feel alive
Head home to my family - can't wait to see my wife
Spending time with my little boy - God I love my life

Lord - you are so good to me -good - good- good
Lord - how can it be - you are so good
Some things in this life I may never know
But God you are good and your goodness flow
Lord -you are so good to me do - do - do - do - do do- do- do

Evening comes I strum on the guitar - as You strum on my heart
You are the author of my life - and I love every part
I'll lay my head on the pillow tonight - Such a peace on my mind
How can I thank you enough - words are so hard to find (So I say)