Jesus Thank You For The Cross
Artist: angela dittmar
Jesus Thank You For The Cross ____CCLI# 7027551

1. When the path of justice meets the wrath of judgment
2. For the Lamb of pardon took my sins upon Him
3. For my sins were so grave nothing else could have saved

____________Ab____________Bb________ Cm______ Bb
1. Sinners served…wages earned… as deserved
2. Mercy’s river …washes sinners… should they come
3. But the blood… of the most…… perfect lamb

________________Cm______ Bb______ Cm____ Bb
1. Woe to them woe to me save the stream of mercy
2. So I hold to the hands nailed to reconcile man
3. God could not let me in with my stench with my sin

______________ Ab______ Bb______________Eb__
1. Intercedes…... perfectly ………… the cross
2. At the cross... at the cross………. at the cross
3. Sent His Son.. all was done……… at the cross

Cm__ Bb__________________________ Cm____ Bb
Jesus Savior of the world Jesus Thank you
Cm__ Bb__________________ Ab______Bb______ Eb__
Jesus Savior of my soul Jesus Thank you for the cross

____Gb__________________ Db____________________________
The Cross of redemption at the intersection

____Gb________ Db
Justice meets mercy

Sweet intervention for my intercession
__Gb______________________________ Eb
Jesus died for me on the Cross at Calvary

©2014 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC