Jesus Come Back
Artist: In His Commission

Not long ago, I began to see so strong
That everything in my life seemed to be going wrong
I had people all around me, but I felt so all alone
Then I knew it was Jesus, I knew that he was gone
Then I cried…

Jesus come back, I just can’t live without you
Jesus come back, without you I just can’t make it through
Jesus come back, back into my heart where you belong
Jesus come back, seems you’ve been gone so very long

Then Jesus answered me, in the words of this song
He said friend I have been there all along
I would never leave nor forsake you, no you’ve got it all wrong
It was never I that left, but you that had gone
Jesus cried…

(Chorus 2)
Friend come back, I just wanna live within you
My friend come back, I promise that I will see you through
My friend come back, to the place where you belong
Friend come back, seems you’ve been gone so very long
X 2

(Chorus slow)
And behold, I am with thee and will keep thee in all places
Whither thou goest