He Was A Humble Man
Artist: In His Commission

Jesus chose to come to earth and take the form of man
He made himself of no reputation even though he was the great I AM
He chose to live among us and be a servant, the greatest was the least
He was God the Son and at the same time a humble man

Jesus showed us the way that we should live our lives today
Oh, his heart’s desire was to do the Father’s will
He did not do a single thing or speak one spoken word
That he did not see or hear from the Father above
Oh, oh, oh, he was a humble man

Jesus chose to take up his cross and he became the Lamb
That was slain from the foundation in accordance to the Father’s plan
He hung on a tree, the just between thieves, the pure bore our sin
He was God on earth and at the same time a humble man

(Chorus) x 2