King of the Hill
Artist: In His Commission
King of the Hill

There was a time that I had the answer,
to every question before it was asked.
The solution to every problem,
the right way to perform any task.
My very reason for living,
was making sure that I was right.
I’d go out of my way to show you,
I’d debate both day and night.

(Chorus 1)
I had all the answers, I was king of the Hill
Oh, I had a saying and it went like this
There is only one way and my way is it
I had all the answers, I was king of the hill

I was king of the highest mountain,
I was sure I knew everything.
But then God looked upon me,
He said son you’re quite a shame.
So I’m gonna show you Jesus,
now He is the real thing.
And when you choose to accept Him,
you will call Him King.

(Chorus 2)
He has all the answers, He’s the King of the Hill
And Calvary proves it
His blood stains still
He has all the answers, they are the father’s will
Yes, the Father proclaimed Him, the true King of the Hill

(Turn around)
(Chorus 2) x 2